About DMS

DMS Music Education provides live online group music programs for Distributed/Distance Learning Programs, Homeschool Organizations, Independent Schools, Traditional Schools, ESL Schools, Corporations, and others. Our scope is worldwide and we cater our programs to your needs.

Our instructors are highly educated, experienced and fun. They are motivated to provide the best learning experience for your clients through maximizing all available resources. We offer a wide range of instruments to learn; Guitar, Bass Guitar, Ukulele, Piano, Voice and Drums - Something for everyone!

  • Distributed/Distance Learning Programs, Homeschool Organizations, Independent Schools and Traditional Schools; we can provide accredited courses, including all Prescribed Learning Outcomes as outlined by the government. All our accredited programs include assessment; attendance, written exams, performance adjudication, and more. All assessment information is shared through Moodle.
  • ESL Schools; you will love our conversational English/Music classes. They are a fun way for students to practice their English skills while learning an instrument - Two programs in one! All instructors have their TESOL certification.
  • Corporations and Others; our programs are great for team building, reward incentives, enhancing social interaction, fostering creativity, and much more. Playing music has shown to have many benefits, such as reducing stress, increasing multitasking abilities, increasing productivity etc.

At DMS we use the latest equipment and software to bring a quality stream directly to our clients. Our programs have many advantages over conventional and current online lessons. Traditional online lessons are generally pre-recorded videos or live streams with minimal teacher-student interaction. Students typing questions in a chat window can't compare to being seen and heard in real time. Here are some of our advantages:

  • All classes are streamed live, in HD, using two way video and audio.
  • Live classes are also recorded in HD, archived and made available to the students following the lesson.
  • HUGE cost savings: save up to 90% off of conventional lessons.
  • Accredited or non accredited classes available. 
  • Accredited classes include all Prescribed Learning Outcomes in course content.
  • Accredited programs also include assessment, all information shared through Moodle (LMS).
  • Multiple cameras: allowing teachers to pick the best view to enhance the learning experience.
  • Visual aids: such as musical notation, videos, charts, etc.
  • Whiteboard: giving the teacher the option to highlight important information.
  • Real time file sharing: for rapid exchange of information.
  • Real time class polls: giving students a voice.
  • Instructors receive annual criminal background checks.
  • Choice of secular or non secular music taught.
  • Classes available for ages 8 and up.
  • Various musical styles offered.
  • Levels taught from beginner to experienced.
  • Range of class sizes offered.
  • And much more.

DMS Music Education: quality over quantity.


Program Highlights

Huge savings.

Up to 90% off conventional lessons.
Huge savings.

High quality.

We use the best tools to provide the best stream.

Huge savings.

Archived lessons.

All lessons are recorded for future review,
amazing extra value.


Our lessons come right to your clients.

Teaching aids.

Extra tools like whiteboard, real time file sharing,
highlighting, etc are used.


Multiple cameras.

Instructors can change views in real time
to enhance the experience.

Enhanced features.

Quality add ons to increase learning outcomes.
Enhanced features.


Music and learning should be enjoyable.
We bring those two worlds together.

Enhanced features.

Face to face.

Live interaction between you,
the instructor and your peers.

Instruments Offered

 DMS Music Education offers a wide range of instruments to learn. Something for everyone!










Package 1

  • Regular class size: 10-24 students.
  • One hour class per week.
  • Perfect for smaller organizations.

Package 2

  • Large class size: 25-49 students.
  • One hour class per week.
  • Ideal for medium size organizations.

Package 3

  • Webinar: 50-200 students.
  • One 90 minute class per week.
  • Best option for large organizations and/or special events.

Additional program information:

  • Instruments offered: Guitar, Bass, Ukulele, Piano, Voice and Drums.
  • Program duration's available: 1. School year (September-June), 2. Year round and 3. Custom duration.
  • Program types available: 1. Accredited, 2. Non-accredited and 3. ESL conversational English-Music.

Pricing: When requesting a price quote, please include the following choices:

  • Package number
  • Instrument
  • Program duration
  • Program type 

Tech Section

This link provides an overview of computer and internet requirements for our service, plus numerous recommendations for webcams, microphones, etc.

Testing your internet speed is important for gauging its performance. For high quality video, a minimum of 1.5Mbps/1.5Mbps (upload/download) is recommended.

Here is some useful tips to improve your internet speed. Try speed testing before and after, to see the difference. The following tips will also improve the speed, security and stability of your internet signal.

  • Direct connection: If possible, plug an Ethernet cable directly into your device (if accepted), this provides the best speed, security and stability.
  • Wi-Fi notes: If using a router; 1. Check placement. Moving closer to it can improve signal. 2. Password protection. Make sure your Wi-Fi is password protected. Unwanted people using your Wi-Fi will weaken your signal. 3. Update router. Make sure your router can provide the minimal speed required for our service. If it's very old, consider an upgrade.
  • Clean your computer: There are tons of applications on your computer that could be using the internet, possibly some without you even knowing it. Windows updates, security scans and updates, media player pop-ups, instant chat applications, Skype, open website tabs and more. All these things can eat away at your internet speed. To boost your speed, shut down services you don't want, as well as any bandwidth-heavy streaming services while using our service.
  • Run a virus and malware scan: Viruses, adware, and other malware can significantly slow down your internet speed, as well as your computer’s speed. Run regular scans to ensure that your computer is virus and malware free. If you don’t have an antivirus installed, install one immediately and make sure that it stays updated. Antivirus programs don’t always catch everything, so you should occasionally run scans to find and remove stubborn malware.
  • Clear your browser's cache: As you surf the web, your browser stores information about the sites you visit to make the loading process quicker when you next visit. Over time, however, this can actually reduce the speed of your browser as more and more information is stored. Occasionally clearing your cache can help boost the performance of a slow browser.
  • Update your browser: Browsers are under constant development, and newer versions often offer performance increases over previous versions. Check to make sure you are running the latest version of your browser, and update it if you aren’t.
  • Avoid running multiple devices at once: Turn off smartphones, tablets, Smart TVs, set-top boxes or other devices that you aren't currently using. If multiple devices are attempting to retrieve information from the internet, especially streaming video or gaming, you will see a loss of speed.



Meet the Team

  • Joey - Guitar/Bass

    Joey has his degree in Musical Performance, has taught for 9 years and is an active live and recording musician. Joey loves to read in his spare time.
  • Lisa - Piano/Voice

    Lisa has her degree in Music Composition, has taught for 8 years, and is also active in live and recording sessions. Sarah enjoys computers, knitting and riding her bike in her spare time.
  • Mike - Guitar/Ukuele

    Mike has his music diploma in Jazz Studies, has taught for 16 years and specializes in Theory. Mike enjoys cooking, working out and travel in his spare time.
  • Aaron - Drums

    Aaron has his degree in Computer Studies, and a diploma in Musical Performance, has taught for 11 years and is active in live and recording projects, also specializing in DAW based programs. Aaron enjoys mountain biking in his spare time.
  • Sarah - Piano/Voice

    Sarah has her degree in Jazz Performance, has taught for 7 years and specializes in live performance. Sarah enjoys painting, volunteering and running in her spare time.
  • Phil - Guitar/Ukuele

    Phil has his degree in Music Composition, and a diploma in Musical Performance, has taught for 12 years and his focus is on song writing and recording. Phil enjoys road trips and cooking in his spare time.
  • Joey - Guitar/Bass
  • Lisa - Piano/Voice
  • Mike - Guitar/Ukuele
  • Aaron - Drums
  • Sarah - Piano/Voice
  • Phil - Guitar/Ukuele

Co-op Program

DMS offers a Co-op program for organizations that are smaller in enrollment. If an organization does not have enough students for a program, it can team up with another group, or groups in the same position to have enough students for enrollment. Organizations can network together to create their own program. This program is great because it allows access from the smallest organization to the biggest.

There are two ways to take advantage:

  • Pool your student numbers with another organization(s). DMS requires at least one adult be provided as a point of contact, for payments, administration, etc. This is most recommended, as it saves administration time and energy for all involved.
  • Provide DMS with your information; number of students interested, age(s) of students, package number, instrument, program duration and program type. If there's another organization with similar requirements within our database, we can match you up. Email information to: info@dmsmusic.education.



Q: How does it work?

A: Students download an app, link provided. Then each student on the enrollment list is sent an automated email prior to the start of class. They simply click the link in the email, the app opens up, and they're entered right into the live classroom.
An alternate method; open the provided app, enter a code (provided after registration), and then you're entered into the live classroom.

Q: What if we miss a class?

A: All classes are recorded, archived and made available to the students following the live class. That way you never miss out on the lesson. This is covered in more detail in our 'Policies' section.

Q: How is class content taught?

A: The first half of the class is the lesson plan, gone over in detail by the instructor. The second half is our Q&A portion. This allows all students to ask questions, give comments directly to the instructor, and demonstrate their playing. We have found this format to be the most productive for this medium.

Q: How are classes put together?

A: Non-accredited classes can be formed in a number of ways; by age, grade, open group, etc. This is ultimately up to your needs. If you decide to have a class with various age groups, we recommend capping it, for example; ages 7-10, 11-13, 14-17, and 18 and up. Accredited classes can be structured by grade or mixed grades.

Q: What is the difference between your lessons and others?

A: Conventional lessons are live, face to face and interactive, ideal for asking questions in real time, however, there is generally no video archive of the lesson. Also, there can be limitations in viewing certain techniques, for example; seeing a close up of a bass drum-foot demonstration. Recorded video lessons can be viewed repeatedly, and provide different camera angles for better viewing of all techniques, but interaction with the teacher is typically nil. Our lessons combine the best of both worlds; live, face to face interaction with the instructor, all lessons are recorded, archived and made available to the students following the live lesson, different camera views to enhance the learning experience, and much more. All of this at a much lower cost.

Q: What sets your teachers apart from the others?

A: Unfortunately, some music schools don't properly vet their instructors, or they hire teachers with little or no experience. The same goes for Youtube lessons, where it can be hard to know if the teacher is fully qualified. We do an annual criminal background checks on every instructor, all teachers have a minimum of a music related diploma (or equivalent), and a minimum of three years teaching experience. Additionally, we only hire instructors with extra musical experience in live and studio performance. We believe that having a well rounded teacher is paramount.

Q: What do we see at our end?

A: Students have a choice of a full screen view of the instructor or gallery view. We recommend full screen view for the lesson plan portion of the class, and gallery view during the Q&A part for group interaction. A great feature in gallery view is when a particular student speaks, his or her window goes full screen, with all attention on them. This is truly a one-on-one interaction, in a group dynamic.

Q: Do students have to be on webcam?

A: No. However, we obviously encourage full involvement, including a webcam. Options are given to best aid the clients needs.

Q: Do students need to be at their instruments during class?

A: No. However, as stated, we encourage full involvement. This is most helpful during the Q&A part of the class where students can demonstrate their playing progress. This allows the instructor to give informed feedback.

Q: What equipment is required?

A: Computer and internet spec's are covered in the 'Tech Section', but otherwise a webcam and microphone (internal or external). Headphones are an option for those who want to control the volume. Links of recommended webcams, microphones and headphones is also provided in the 'Tech Section'.

Q: What ages do you start offering classes?

A: Approximately, age 7 and up. Depending on the child's abilities, we encourage parental involvement during the live classes. This also provides a great learning experience for both parent and child.

Q: What is the difference between accredited and non accredited programs?

A: Accredited programs are directed towards educational organizations, such as Distributed Learning schools, Independent schools, etc. All accredited programs follow all Prescribed Learning Outcomes set out by your Provincial/State Ministry of Education. Assessment is also included in our accredited programs, including theory examination and performance adjudication. Choice of instruments and age groups are limited to available Government guidelines.

Non accredited offers more choice of instruments, age groups, and has no assessment. These programs are great for organizations that want a more free flowing learning experience. Great for students to try various instruments and learn at a more comfortable pace. We can offer multi level programs, to allow for continued development. Example: ‘Intro to Guitar-beginner’, ‘Intro to Guitar-intermediate’, etc.

Q: Do we have a choice of what music is taught?

A: Teachers incorporate class polls, listing suitable fun and popular songs to be taught in class. DMS Music Education also offers the choice of secular or non secular songs to be taught. This is a great option for faith based organizations.





Please read the following policies carefully before purchasing programs with DMS Music Education. These policies exist to create a user-friendly and misunderstanding-free environment for administrators, students, parents and teachers.

  • A signed agreement form is required to complete purchase of program(s).

  • To discontinue service, a written notice of 90 days is required. Notice must be sent to: info@dmsmusic.education. You are liable for any outstanding charges/fees during the 90 day notice period, effective from the date the notice was sent.

  • Payments are monthly, and due by the 1st of each month. Various payment options are available. Contact us to find what works best for your organization. DMS uses a pro-rated system that provides an average of four lessons per month, however, your monthly fee is the same each month.

  • Missed classes: In the event that DMS has to cancel a class, a makeup will be scheduled. If a class has to be cancelled due to factors beyond our control, or 'acts of god', then the class is considered missed and not reimbursed, or made up. If your school/organization/company/etc cancels a class, the class is considered missed and not reimbursed, or made up. Fortunately, this is not a common occurrence. If a student, or students, miss a class, or classes, it will be considered a missed class/classes for them. No makeups or reimbursements in this situation. Please refer to the 'FAQs' section, where this is also addressed.

  • Late classes: In the event that DMS starts a class late, the missed time will be added to another lesson, at a later date. Any students that are late for class can join in for the remainder of it. It's the student's responsibility to arrive to class on time. No extra time will be added for late arriving students. In the event that no students show up within 30 minutes of the start of class, the teacher then reserves the right to cancel the class, with no make up or reimbursement. However, as long as at least one student is present, the class will continue.

  • Upon entering the live classroom, all present agree to being recorded. Recorded lessons are limited to only being shared among their classmates. DMS Music Education will not be held liable in the event recorded copies are shown publicly.

  • Younger students should not be left unsupervised. DMS Music Education will not assume any responsibility for your child should an accident occur while they are unattended.

  • The school reserves the right to discontinue the enrollment of any student who does not comply with our policies or to terminate lessons for disciplinary reasons. In this event no refunds will be made. Notice will be given to your school/organization/company/etc.

We reserve the right to amend this policy. Any changes will posted here, in the 'Policies' section. If you have any questions regarding our policies, please contact us.